All antibodies listed on this website are manufactured at Saint Charles, Missouri, USA under ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 QMS system by Assaypro.
  Our affinity purified chicken antibodies have better mammalian recognition to optimize your research!
AssayPro Mouse Protein/Peptides Products

Catlog No Description Size Price Datasheet Quantity Buy
PA60101Apotransferrin, Mouse1 mg$90

PA60105Antithrombin , Murine0.1 mg$112

PC70033Ceruloplasmin, Mouse0.1 mg$395

PF50481Fibronectin, Mouse1 mg$195

PF10511Fibrinogen, Murine1 mg$125

PM71121Alpha Macroglobulin, Mouse0.1 mg$250

PP12051Plasminogen, Rat0.5 mg$145

PP12031Plasminogen, Murine0.5 mg$145

PP52105Prothrombin, Mouse100 ug$65

PT62082Thrombin, Mouse50 ug$195

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